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Education Required For Bank Tellers

The teller performs complicated responsibilities. That is why the bank teller training is both grueling and calls for sufficient concentration. You need a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) examination results before applying for the position. The college degree is not a requirement. However, it is definitely an advantage if one has completed a two-year associate program of four-year bachelor’s degree. Suggested fields of specialization include business, finance or mathematics. BT education trains students to be adept in number and computations. You also have to possess good communications skills, knowledge of customer service and marketing techniques.Short-Term Courses and On-the-Job-Training for Bank TellersThere are educational institutions that offer short-term programs for bank tellers. Successful students are given a certificate. You will learn about standard bank operations; current banking rules and regulations; and, duties and responsibilities of bank tellers. The syllabus is meant to reinforce the student’s aptitude in math and client service.Education to be a bank teller will also call for intensive on-the-job training. Aspiring tellers are introduced to computer applications and the use of check-processing equipment. You are trained on cash-counting, bank security, auditing rules, and other methods in compliance. The training for tellers will also include redemption of savings bonds, issuance of bank-certified or traveler’s checks, taking coin orders, and special services. Tellers learn about the money order system, utility and mortgage or loan payments, and procedures needed for safe deposit boxes. The OJT also covers investments, business and personal loans along with credit cards.Continuing Education and Career EnhancementWhen you become a bank teller, it is necessary to pursue continuing education and training for professional advancement. This is also a sure way of obtaining salary increments and possible opportunities for promotions from your employers. There are community colleges and institutes that offer courses for them in line with certification programs.The American Bankers Association is willing to offer the Certified Bank Teller designation for individuals who manage to display competence in particular disciplines like sales and marketing. However, you have to take the CBT written test and acquire a minimum of six months working experience. You should have at least six hours of ongoing education to sustain their certifications status.Those who complete four year programs can opt for higher positions such as marketing officer, client service representative, bank analyst and bank manager. It promises to be a lucrative career once you finish the prescribed bank teller education.